Cashmere care

Cashmere is a perfect heirloom piece and it deserves special care as it takes pride of place in your baby's wardrobe. If correctly cared for, your cashmere gets softer and more beautiful over age and use.


For best results and longevity of your cashmere, hand wash your with a gentle wool detergent or baby shampoo.

  • Add your cashmere to soapy lukewarm water (20-30 degrees) and stir to dissolve evenly. Do not leave it to soak for long
  • Gently rinse the shampoo off. To completely remove it, rinse again in clean lukewarm water thoroughly but carefully. Gently squeeze the suds through the fibre to expel excess water, do not wring your cashmere


  • To dry, shape the garment to its original form and lay it flat
  • Let it dry naturally, away from direct sunlight
  • For quick drying, you may roll the garment with a towel. Roll slowly to avoid wrinkles. Gently press to remove water. Straighten the garment back to its original shape after unrolling. Never tumble dry or hang dry your cashmere pieces


    • Fold neatly and store in the cotton drawstring bag provided
    • Do not use a hanger as it ruins the shape of the blanket
    • Store away from direct sunlight, humidity and dust
    • For long-term storage, we recommend placing a moth repellent in the box as cashmere attracts moths


    • Pilling is an inherent characteristic of natural fibres. Pills are the little balls of fibre that start to gather typically in areas where there is friction 
    • It is a result of wear and does not indicate the quality of your cashmere
    • To remove pilling, simply use a pilling comb. To avoid heavy pilling, it is advisable to protect rubbing against rough materials and clothing accessories